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School of Real Estate

Ray Dunlevy is a senior real estate/technology instructor who specializes in the teaching of Real Estate and Real Estate related subjects, in affiliation with the Rhode Island Association of Realtors. He is also affiliated with several other Real Estate schools within Rhode Island as well as an Adjunct Professor at several local colleges and universities.

Because Ray is an active/practicing Broker/Owner of his own Real Estate firm, he brings an exciting unique mix of teaching skills, offering a hands on practical application perspective to the often mystifying and sometimes difficult real estate and technology environment.

Ray has received the prestigious Instructor of the Year award from the Rhode Island Association of Realtors and regularly receives top rating reviews from his students.

Ray has several degrees including a Masters of Education degree in education and has taught business, real estate and finance at the university level in California as well as Bryant College, Roger Williams University, Salve Regina University and the Naval War College.

Ray also offers "in house", at your facility, hands on training for hardware and software as they relate to their use in the real estate field.

The following courses are currently available and taught by Ray:

The Real Estate Pre-license Course

The Real Estate Brokers Pre-license Course

The Real Estate Financial Calculator

Foreclosure for Profit

Beginning Computers (take our quiz to see if you qualify for this course)

Digital Camera (as used by the realtor)

Basic Windows (very basic, take our quiz)

Scanners (as used by the realtor)

Beginners Internet (take our quiz)

PDA's (as used by the realtor)

Ray is also available to provide/develop any special teaching requirements in the real estate, business, technology and finance areas, that you or your office may have a special need for.

If you are interested in course schedules, registering for any of the above courses or wish to discuss your special needs call, write or e-mail your requirements.

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